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  • 2017 Evening party to welcome newcomers

    On January 20, 2017, the highly anticipated nanjing day care pv 2016 annual summarization convention and 2017 grand welcome party. Nanjing day care photovoltaic all staff to attend the meeting. The chairman to address the feng-ming zhang, summarizes the nanjing day care work and achievements of phot...

  • 2016 Basketball match

    Basketball, it is not just a sport, and it is more worth people worship is it sport! People need it is the team and the spirit of struggle! Basketball was born in the United States in 1891, has 100 years of history. In our country has passed a long stage of development, it is a Chinese people are v...

  • 2016 Tug of war

    In order to enhance the consciousness of physical exercise employees, the company in the form of organization competition for lack of physical exercise at ordinary times the employees create movement opportunities, provide collective presence stage, through the tug of war develop team spirit, streng...

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