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Corperate Culture

We are filled with a sense of responsibility and passion.
We advocate learning, good at innovation, and sincere cooperation, pursuit progress promote win-win situation.

Ensure using fastest time and best service to satisfy customer needs,
continually contribute our strength to the construction of new energy China.

Our mission:Provide efficient clean energy to improve public living environment.

Our vision:Leader of innovation in PV industry

Our core philosophy:Innovation changes the world.

Our business concepts: Professional people doing professional things.

Our management principal:Management responsibility, work standardization.

Our employment view: Have both ability and political integrity, Virtue comes first.

Sense of worth

Dedication:We would like to down-to-earth, diligent, one step at a time, completes the labor of duty;

First implementation:We want to establish a strong sense of responsibility,
conscientious, committed, faithfully perform their official duties;

Positive promotion:We should take an active part in training and learning to keep the enterprise,
improve themselves, to keep pace with The Times, to achieve long-term success;

Teamwork:We have the concept of collectivism, mutual trust, mutual cooperation,
form the positive, unity of the working environment;

Be prepared for danger in times of peace:
We want to keep the height of the crisis consciousness,
not afraid of hard, dare to challenge, to achieve the sustainable development of the career

Our goal is to make Sunport Power become
the most influential benchmark enterprises in PV industry with long time efforts.