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Sunport Power is awarded the 2016 annual China PV leader technical innovation

  Photovoltaic (pv) leading innovation always BBS - nanjing day care for photovoltaic modules innovation award to attract attention! 

  On January 9, sponsored by the China pv test net pv leading innovation always BBS held in changzhou. Industry many well-known enterprises have been invited to attend, advanced innovative technology of the photovoltaic industry is discussed in this paper. 

  Conference, nanjing day care MWT efficient component technology won the attention of experts in the industry. Our company vice President Mr Li has been invited to host photovoltaic leader super dialogue, with CQC, BeiKong, tong wei, senior industry leading technology companies such as chint to discuss leading planning and project implementation, brainstorming, thinking collisions, quite splendid! Mr Xiang-dong song, deputy director of the China quality certification center, meanwhile, spoke highly of the nanjing day care MWT for technology innovation, the future development of photovoltaic industry is bound to bring a new bright spot!

  Announced at the meeting, vice President of my company was employed for the Chinese photovoltaic leader Dr LuZhongLin innovation BBS technical expert committee branch of photovoltaic modules of the first batch of technical experts, it is also a recognition of my company research and development strength. 

  Nanjing day care photovoltaic technology co., LTD was awarded the 2016 year China pv technology innovation leader award. Nanjing day care for our approval, thank you for the whole pv industry in 2017, we also will continue to lead the technological innovation. Nanjing day care there is a small amount of polycrystalline component (60) 280 w, 285 w, single crystal component (60) 290 w, 295 w, welcome to inquiry. Leader, and always encourage the development of innovative technology, to promote pv industry toward a higher technological content, more the cost of economic development. Please continue to pay attention to our nanjing photovoltaic, day care MWT efficient component technology is worth you I look forward to! 

  Nanjing, there is a small amount of day care has been mass-produced MWT efficient polycrystalline component (60) 280 w, 285 w, high efficiency single crystal component (60) 290 w, 295 w, welcome to inquire!