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2016 Annual energy conference, Sunport Power impresses the whole industry!

  3The 2016 annual meeting and the second session of China's energy development and energy innovation BBS was held in Beijing on December 22. The meeting by the national development and reform commission (NDRC), the national energy administration guide, energy development, requests the host country reform newspaper. Invited industry leading technology companies and related leadership to attend. Nanjing day care as one of the world's first MWT and achieve efficient components, bulk supply companies, with dozens of patents of efficient battery, component technology. At the same time, also is the first domestic photovoltaic technology leader, the leader, the adb 50 the only enterprise in low carbon technologies. Nanjing day care MWT efficient component technology industry called is known as the "leader of the leader"!

As the main co-organizer of this BBS, our technology has won the acceptance of this BBS experts attending the meeting with a high degree of evaluation.

MWT(Metal Wrap Through,Perforated metal winding) back contact the solar cell component technology is a new generation of highly efficient battery in the field of photovoltaic technology component technology. MWT back contact battery technology USES laser perforation, wiring technology eliminates the positive electrode on the back of the main gate line, a positive electrode fine grid line to collect the current through the holes in the silver paste to the back, so that the battery positive and negative electrode point are in the back of the cell, effectively reduce the shading of positive grid line, improve the conversion efficiency, at the same time reduces the consumption of silver paste and metal electrode - Jane to the emitter interface compound loss.


Vice President of nanjing day care ChengWenTing invited to solar energy efficiency to improve BBS account of cost-effective path photovoltaic efficiency.

Dr ChengWenTing MWT technology are expounded on the BBS has advantages as well as the prospect of future development. Product advantage:

1. The higher power: polycrystalline 60 pieces of an average of 285 w & amp; Single crystal 60 on average 305 w

2. Higher reliability: three times through the PI - Berlin IEC standard TC after aging test, attenuation only about 2% on average. Japanese customers in the sampling to send a third party lab test wet and heat cycle after 3000 hours, power attenuation component is only 2.3% (certification standard is not greater than 5% after 1000 hours), hot and cold cycle after 600 times, the attenuation is only 1.4% (certification standard is 200 times greater than 5%).

Polysilicon components: the output power is not the first year is less than 98% of the minimum output power, 25 years after the product output power is not less than 83% of the minimum output power.

Monocrystalline silicon components: the first power output of not less than 97.5% of the minimum output power; After 25 years the product output power is not less than 82.36% of the minimum output power;

More generation: component attenuation rate is lower and lower NOCT, can more power under the same working area by more than 7%.

4. Stronger compatibility: the market share of more than 80% of the products can be combined with MWT! Black silicon, PERC, HIT all can with MWT technology stack. MWT for single crystal with PERC technology can reach 60 pieces of an average of 315 watts.

In 2017, nanjing day care pv will be on the super leader project implementation mass ascension of production, promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry. As a pioneer of innovative technology, we are numerous, from our partner, also comes from our customers, we are confident that the nanjing day care pv will remain ahead!