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See the MWT efficient component technology focus on how to win market?

  There is such a company, three years, rule for industry leading technology! 

  Have so a company leader, still continue to search for running efficient and cost-effective! 

  Day care photovoltaic (pv) - this is nanjing global pv industry the only MWT technology industrialization enterprise specialized products! 

  Founded in November 2012, nanjing daycare photovoltaic technology co., LTD., by the department of physics of nanjing university, professor, doctoral supervisor, national "one thousand project" distinguished expert Dr Dr Feng-ming zhang led team to create innovative companies, focus on high-end photovoltaic cells and components development, manufacturing, sales and service. 

  MWT component technology because of its efficiency has always been the concern of the industry, but the difficulty of the research and development has not been a breakthrough. MWT component technology compared with the conventional crystalline silicon technology, in terms of efficiency, cost, reliability has more advantages. Conventional main grid lines battery is more and cells in the main grid line welding with welding belt in series to the battery slice, this method is simple and widely used technology is currently the industry mainstream, have inherent drawbacks, including flux, high temperature of welding residual stress, prone to chips or cracked and wall, great lost of encapsulation, etc., influenced the yield of the product and the long-term use of reliability. Aiming at this problem, day care photovoltaic (pv) developed a new generation based on conductive back MWT battery components of packaging technology. 

  First of all, what is MWT technology? 

  MWT(Metal Wrap Through,Perforated metal winding) back contact solar battery components technology with laser punching, wiring technology eliminates the positive electrode on the back of the main gate line, a positive electrode fine grid line to collect the current through the holes in the silver paste to the back, so that the battery positive and negative electrode point are in the back of the cell, effectively reduce the shading of positive grid line, improve the conversion efficiency, at the same time reduces the consumption of silver paste and metal electrode - Jane to the emitter interface compound loss. 

  Use MWT technology to the nanjing day care components from aspects of the production process, cost, performance, has played a huge advantage. At the same time, also because of its innovative technology for special components led to a more excellent power performance, can more power under the same working area by more than 7%, in the face of solar projects under the present situation of scarce land resources, accentuated the incomparable advantage over conventional components. 

  Nanjing day care of efficient photovoltaic "benchmarking" series including high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules, efficient polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules, among them, the single crystal 60 pieces of an average of around 295 w, polycrystalline 60 pieces of average at around 285. The efficient components can not swap the industry are concerned! 

  Not only that, MWT efficient components with higher reliability of test results is also let's appreciate: adopt unique packaging technology because it is over, we stand the conventional detection examination way through PI - three times (IEC standard TC after aging test, attenuation only about 2% on average. Components are exported to Japan, with the customer, detection, sample sent to third-party laboratory testing wet and heat cycle after 3000 hours, power attenuation component is only 2.3% (IEC standard is not greater than 5% after 1000 hours), hot and cold cycle after 600 times, attenuation is only 1.4% (IEC standard is not greater than 5% after 200). Higher reliability, trustworthy and selection.

  Nanjing day care to all the customer commitment: for polysilicon components, the output power is not the first year is less than 98% of the minimum output power, 25 years after the product output power is not less than 83% of the minimum output power. Monocrystalline silicon components: the first power output of not less than 97.5% of the minimum output power; After 25 years the product output power is not less than 82.36% of the minimum output power. 

  In the face of customer demand, we can ensure more electricity. Component attenuation rate is lower than the normal product, NOCT lower at the same time, these advantages make the nanjing day care of efficient photovoltaic MWT installed components than the conventional equal circumstances more power generation by more than 3%. 

  MWT efficient components in technology will also have more breakthroughs. Can and black silicon further integration, the PERC and other advanced technology, products have the advantages of alternative to conventional technology, combine with the PERC technique can achieve 60 pieces of an average of 315 watts. Use the application of ultra-thin silicon implementation component cost greatly reduced. Present pv module cost structure in the cost of more than 40% from silicon, using thinner wafers is important way to dramatically reduce component costs. According to measure, the single crystal silicon slice thickness reduced to 120 ~ 130 from the existing 180 um um will decrease the cost of silicon wafers by more than 20%, based on the performance of the use of ultra-thin silicon under 130 um will reduce the component per watt production cost by more than 10%. Ultra-thin silicon of the biggest problems in the conventional component encapsulation is fragile, can't use welding with high temperature welding, but we MWT back contact technology USES planar interconnected, no high temperature welding process, can be compatible with below 130 um ultra-thin cell encapsulation, and avoid the welding stress, increase the reliability of the component. 

  Nanjing day care pv - domestic photovoltaic technology leader, the leader, the adb, the low carbon technology industry the only 50 companies photovoltaic industry was determined to do the optimal measure of influence enterprise! In 2017, would be on the super leader project the production of large-scale promotion, promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry. As a pioneer of innovative technology, we are numerous, from our partner, also comes from our customers, we are confident that the nanjing day care pv will remain ahead! 

  Product higher power - is higher than conventional components more than 20 watts! 

  Product manufacturing costs down - are lower than those of conventional components! 

  Low attenuation more better stability, reliability, generating higher! 

  Technical compatibility is wider, can be combined with most of the process and technology! 

  Still have what reason not to believe, do not choose nanjing day care pv?